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Melissa Tiers is the founder of The Center for Integrative Hypnosis with a private practice in New York City. She is an international lecturer and trainer who teaches clinical hypnosis, NLP, and integrative life coaching to practitioners from all over the world.

The Center for Integrative Hypnosis is located at 135 west 29th street, suite 604 and offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and certification trainings. CIH is home to some of New York City’s finest practitioners and is the only place offering certification in Integrative Hypnosis and Coaching the Unconscious Mind, an Integrative Life Coaching program.

Audio Courses


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Keeping the Brain in Mind
Winner of the prestigious Pen and Quill Award vor 2014.
Available in Paperback and Kindle
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Live Training

This multi-level course is comprehensive, fun and fascinating. It is an integration of advanced techniques in rapid change work that utilizes the most current research in neuroscience, Epigenetics and mind/body medicine. You will learn to guide healing and trance-formation on the cognitive, emotional, biochemical and energetic level.

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Video Courses


Our video courses are available online or you can order them on a USB thumb drive.